B612 APK
B612 APK

B612 APK for Android

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Latest Version B612 APK for Android (Verrsion 10.2.11)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Jelly Bean or Later
Author / Product LINE Corporation

Selfies might not be a new thing for many people but it does not mean that everyone enjoys taking a selfie. Nevertheless, if you love to take a selfie, you will love the app that can support this activity. You will love the B612 APK for Android to improve your self-photography.

Selfie App

What is the B612 app anyway? This app is developed by LINE and its main purpose is to help you take a selfie. The reason why you want this app is that it will allow you to enhance your selfie with over 50 filter choices. More importantly, you can do it in real-time to make sure that you know the final result.

B612 APK for Android
B612 APK for Android

The B612 APK Download will also offer you various kinds of collage templates. Your selfie can be much more creative since you can also use the vignette and tilt-shift effect. It does not come with outstanding features but you can make up to nine video montages and add music to them.


Using this app can be more interesting since you can make a video box. You can share it with your friend that can watch it and also record their video to reply to yours by using a specific code.

Less Intuitive and Pretty Average

You can use the app pretty easily but when you try to compare it to other image apps, you might find that this app is not that intuitive. You might also feel that the navigation touch is confusing because you cannot find the way back to the previous options.

It is fun to enhance your selfie result with this app. It is pretty fun as well to make a collage video using this app since the result is neat. However, you can tell that this app is not that innovative or even new.

Pros and Cons

Let’s conclude everything about this app. This app has some good points, for sure. First of all, this app can help you make a great selfie super quickly because it comes with a lot of filters. You can also create montages with this app. Selfies are taken to be shared. You can share the selfie via your social media.

You can use the vignette effect with this app. It can make more creative selfies result but this effect cannot be used in all types of devices. You might have to think twice to get the B612 APK for Android since you cannot use those filters, effects, and montages with the existing photos.