AppLock for Android

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Latest Version AppLock for Android (Version 3.3.2)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Later
Author / Product DOMOBILE LTD

AppLock for Android is one of the recommended applications for your android. It is very lightweight enabling you to lock almost all files in your android. It has some basic features that you can use for locking the files.

  • Having Basic Features

The basic feature of AppLock for Android will lock your files. Anyone can’t access or delete the installation. However, you can lock videos, photos, contact, and even individual messages on your android.

AppLock for Android
  • Working Simply

You can select AppLock APK if you want to use it on your android. This application is working very simply. Firstly, you should make a numeric password to open the application lock that you want to protect.


AppLock for Android

When the application is opened, you should enter the determined password. Even, it is applicable for the other users who want to delete it. The widow’s password will never allow you to do it.

  • Hiding the Icon

Another great benefit of this AppLock for Android is you can hide the icon so that there will be nobody that knows that you have installed it on your android. They will not know even the application asks to enter the appropriate password. It means that you can camouflage that you install this application.

  • Some Other Interesting Features

When you want to use this application, you should know some interesting features that you will enjoy. This application includes other interesting features.

  • Picture Vault

This feature enables you to save some images in a virtual box. When you use it, only you can open it. It is a secure application to hide some important files.

  • Lock

Another feature of this application is about Lock and open Lock of the application. You can open it automatically based on the time or location. You can open it anywhere you want.

AppLock APK for Android
  • Profile Management

With this application, you can manage a different profile to lock a different application. Then, you can also set the gambling keyboard to prevent the people from seeing your password.

  • Fake Cover

You can also put a cover on the fingerprint or force the message closed on the locked application to make the people confused.

Fast Lock Button

The fast lock button on status also becomes a great feature of this application. You can lock your android’s files quickly.

AppLock for Android is an interesting application in which you can add a security network to your device and android without worries. You can lend your android freely to your friends without knowing your privacy.