Android System WebView
Android System WebView

Android System WebView APK for Android

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Latest Version Android System WebView APK for Android (Vesrion 96.0.4664.35)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Lollipop or Later
Author / Product Google LLC

Many users of various Android devices may not know about the so-called Android System WebView APK for Android. It is reasonable because it is not a regular application to download and install. Nevertheless, it is pivotal to know about this particular thing within any Android system.

So, what is this System WebView for Android? It is a component in the inner system of Android that deals with web content display. It allows any application that runs on the device to display many contents from the web directly.

Android System WebView for Android
Android System WebView for Android

For example, when a user runs the Facebook app and tapping a link to a webpage, the page will immediately appear. There is no need for the system to direct the user to open the page using a web browser. Android System WebView reduces the time a user requires to access any webpage.


In that case, it is a fundamental part of any Android system. Therefore, it is reasonable for the system to run into issues when it fails to function appropriately. It also underlines the importance of knowing about this Android System WebView APK.

Nevertheless, the so-called System WebView app for Android does not work automatically. It requires the developer of any application to include the WebView library in it. The developer needs to embed a browser within the application to execute JavaScript and render the pages.

On the latest version of Android System WebView, it is possible to update this component through the Google Play Store. Before Android 5, the update for this app will only come along with the newer version of the system. So, it gets better these days concerning its functionality.

With the available update on the Google Play Store, there is no need to be afraid that it will run inappropriately. Once Google finds a bug concerning this component, it will push an update immediately. Users can update it right away to ensure the best function of this app.

It is best to notice the improper behavior of some apps when this component needs an update. If that occurs, it is best to check for its update to download and install Android System WebView right away. It is not a timely process to go through at all.

The latest release of this app is version 96.0.4664.35. It is available in eleven variants which users need to find out the one to download and install. After finishing the Android System WebView APK download and install, there will be no issues on this particular matter.|