Android File Transfer
Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer for Mac

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Free Download ( 2.8 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Android File Transfer for Mac (V 1.0.11 (1.0.442.1500)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Lion or Later
Author / Product Google LLC

Do you want to back up files on your phone or computer? You can install Android File Transfer for Mac. This application works well to make data backup to your Mac, laptop, and phone. You just download and install it using this data transfer application.

What Is Android File Transfer?

Android File Transfer download for Mac is officially developed by Google. You can transfer files easily from your Android devices to any computer running Mac OS X. To transfer any files, you need to install this application on your computer. Then, you connect your Android devices with the USB cables. Then, you select MTP options. From your windows, you can release files simply. After the transfer is completed, you need to take out USB cables safely to enjoy files in your phone or computer. Now, due to Android File Transfer, you can get a backup of photos or music on your android phones. You can also transfer any files from computers.



Features of Android File Transfer for Mac

There will be some features that you can enjoy with Android File Transfer. What are they?

  1. Easy to Use
    This application is easy to use. You just plugin into your Mac. Then, you can transfer all files needed easily.
  2. Backup Data
    Then, you can backup your data with this application. You can save any files into Mac. Just plugin and transfer android files and data. You can backup your data easily.

How to Use Android File Transfer for Mac

After you know the description of Android File Transfer, it is time to know the ways of using it. Firstly, download the application from the trusted site. Then, you click twice in Android File Transfer. Thirdly, you can transfer or drag applications of android file transfer to folder applications. After you download it, you can use it. There will be some steps in using it.

Firstly, you can plugin a derived Android USB cable and connect to USB to an available Mac. Then, you open the application of Android File Transfer to make a saved configuration for the first time. It usually opens automatically when you plug in your android. After that, it appears Finder in which you can delete, add, and copy data from Android Device. In this way, you can upload data maximally with this application. Android File Transfer free download is ready to use on Mac.