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Latest Version Zoom Commander for Windows 2.0.1
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Inmatrix LTD

Zoom Commander (2021 Latest) Download for Windows 10/8/7/XP | Zoom Commander for Windows Working on your computer to create semi-interactive or static multimedia presentations by using conventional software can be very much frustrating. But, your tasks will be much easier to complete with Zoom Commander 2.01. Get to know more about this powerful application on the following page.

About the Software

As a marketing professional who has to deal a lot with multimedia presentations, having a Zoom Commander application on your computer is such a valuable assistant. This program is relatively easy to operate even if you are a beginner and never use anything similar to it.


Zoom Commander 2.01 is a powerful and stable software with a lot of great features offered for users. With this application, creating multimedia presentations such as financial data, stocks, announcements, and real-time information is easier. The software will be a perfect option to take especially if the data you are going to present is contained and finite.

Additionally, you will find it a great idea to use Zoom Commander to display short clips of news ticker-style feeds or video information in public areas. Basically, the software will allow you to create a PowerPoint presentation-like. It means that the software is for data display with repetitive and non-interactive purposes.

Zoom Commander for Windows, The Major Strength of the Application

One of the best things about Zoom Commander 2.0.1 is that end-users will find this software is very easy to use and visually outstanding. This will make it possible for you to create a more attractive yet informative multimedia presentation to your audience.

Static data can be presented more attractively by using Zoom Commander. You will be amazed by the ability of the application to turn out the briefs high-quality multimedia in line quickly. Also : Zoom Player MAX for Windows

Not only that but the rich features and customization preferences of the Zoom Commander are specially designed for a simpler creation of multimedia presentations as well as for extra functionality. As for the performance results, you can be sure that the software is fast.

However, you need to keep in mind that Zoom Commander is not meant for long-term content. The software will not be a good option to take if you want to create a multimedia presentation that contains a lot of transitions and different moving parts.

Here are some screenshots and features of Zoom Commander

Zoom Commander for Windows

features of Zoom CommanderZoom Commander for Windows features of Zoom CommanderZoom Commander for Windows

But, still, you can be sure that this Zoom Commander 2.01 is adaptable for everything from real-time update information to the urgent one. You can change the data anytime it needs to be edited fast.

What’s new in version 2.0.1
* The remote file browser can now add HTML (.htm/.html/.shtml) files
for playback.

* The screen edit dialog now notifies you that ‘An initial connection
to the screen is required to display the layout preview’.

– Displaying HTML/Website content with a slideshow value of “0”
to disable the slideshow, would instead apply a 5 second slideshow.

Award for Zoom Commander

5 star award