YouTube Movie Maker for Windows

YouTube Movie Maker

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Latest Version YouTube Movie Maker (Version 18.57)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 64 or Later
Author / Product RZSoft Inc

YouTube Movie Maker is an application helps you easy to make, edit, upload, promote, manage YouTube videos, Create or edit high-quality 2D / 3D videos from a variety of video formats, photos, music, lyrics, text, etc.

YouTube Movie Maker for windows is easy to Quickly mass Making YouTube videos in Batch, Save any project as template, Add Special Effects, Add Text Effects, Add Motion Effects and many more.

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YouTube Movie Maker for Windows

YouTube Movie Maker is 100% SAFE and CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, This tool that has been developed for 12 years is also trusted by millions of users around the world and gets 100+ Awards Winning.

YouTube Movie Maker for Windows

YouTube Movie Maker Free Edition is 100% Safe and Free version, no watermark, no trial time, only limits some features and services for the Free Edition version. If you want more features, we recommend you to buy the Gold Edition and Platinum versions.

Main Features YouTube Movie Maker:

  • Make and Edit 2D/3D Movies: Use any format photos and video clips to make cool 2D or 3D YouTube movies to upload to your YouTube channels
  • Add Text, Titles, Credits and Logos: Who are you? You can personalize your video or movie with captions, titling and credits using your own logo, maintain your copyright. What was your role in the production? It’s easy to add text, the Credits and descriptions to your movies, and let the world know exactly who you are and what you can do.
  • Make Bulk Videos: This allows you to quickly mass Making YouTube videos in Batch
  • Add Motion Effects: Allows you to add Special Effects, Text Effects, Motion Effects, Mask Effects (Light and Shadow Effects), 3D Group Effects (3D Videos), Background Pictures, Add Transitions, etc.
  • Timeline: Allows you to arrange everything using Timeline, such as video clips, pictures, music, audio, sound, titles, text, lyrics, subtitles, etc. And then it’s easy to do editing, add motion, transitions, special effects, etc. at just the right moment.
  • and many more features offered by this tool.

Overall this tool is amazing, if you are a YouTuber or video content creator then this tool is the best choice for you to use, but if you want to buy the Gold Edition and Platinum versions please click the Buy button below.

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