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VLC APK for Android

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Latest Version VLC APK for Android (Version 3.4.0 Beta 6)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Kit Kat or Later
Author / Product VideoLAN team

VLC APK for Android is a popular media play for android and cellular devices running a Google operating system. You should know some things about this amazing application before installing it on your android.

Running VLC for Android

VLC version for android has been in the development stage. The version is not stable and may cause problems if you don’t use it properly. When it is functioning well, VLC for android becomes a good alternative for stock android media play. It handles some kinds of file formats such as streaming media, video, and audio. It has a minimalist interface with the desktop version. It also supports subtitles files and offers hardware device acceleration automatically though it is non-active.

VLC APK for Android
VLC APK for Android

Smooth Control

VLC for Android APK has a smooth control. It is a video player window for android in which it is turning videos on full-screen resolution or the chosen ratio with the motion basis. You can change the volume and brightness setting. You can ruin the videos by moving your finger on the screen. From the video side, VLC for Android is supported in some formats. The play is generally very smooth. Nevertheless, full HD videos are not supported officially in a black screen view.


VLC for android is working well when you handle audio files with the simple player control and widget. Those give you basic control on the home page. When you see it the first time for android, this application will load and connect to Chromecast. If you want to transmit from devices to television, you should use Real Player Cloud or Plex.

Pros and Cons about VLC For Android APK

The release repairs a crash, MP4 player, AVI, widget lock screen, and Bluetooth control. 0.9 series becomes the main release with the great hardware decoding in black or white colours. It is integrated into DVD ISO and menu supports, player list management, equalizer, and WiDi screen support. The hardwood acceleration will be active by default for android 4.3. It has good subtitle support. The explanation of software code is accelerating. These are some pros and cons about VLC for Android APK.

  • It supports some formats
  • The interface is simplified with the motion control
  • It has an audio player widget
  • It has hardware acceleration
  • It is supporting subtitle files
  • It doesn’t handle HD films
  • It has no support for Chromecast
  • It is glitchy

You may consider those things before installing VLC for Android APK Download on your android.|