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Soda Player for Windows

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Latest Version Soda Player for Windows (Version 1.4.2)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Soda Player

Soda Player for Windows, is it really important to download? Whether it is finally important or not for you, it depends on your activities on the computer or desktop. But generally, Soda Player indeed gives you some benefits. It is a kind of multimedia playing service that enables you to stream your media files.

Although there is currently the mobile version, the program is mainly to use on the desktop. The streaming service is compatible with various media types. For you who prefer using Torrent files, this app can be used also. The program also provides you some benefits if you are using it. So, what are they?

Soda Player for Windows
Soda Player for Windows

No Need to Download

Soda Player is indeed intended for you who prefer streaming to downloading. Undeniably, downloading the file first and then watching tends to feel more comfortable. It simply avoids you from problems like loading and lagging. But at the same time, waiting for the file to be completely downloaded is also tiring.


This program is a solution since you can stream the file without such troubles. It feels like you are watching them after completely downloading the files.

Easy to Use

Soda Player is designed to be very easy to use by anyone. You don’t need to be experienced in the world of computing or programming first just to install and operate the app. To use the program, open it and then start to stream files by dragging and dropping them to the bar available. The same thing is when you want to stream Torrent files also.

The program also supports almost all types of BitTorrent technology. So, don’t worry about any file that cannot be opened or streamed using Soda Player. In addition, it also supports many types of trackers. They include PEX, UDP, DHT, and more. With the flexibility of utilizing trackers, the files are not only streamed more easily but are also automatically downloaded to be yours.

Proxy to Keep Your Identity

Some people may feel okay if their identities and IP appear when using a certain program. But sure, not all users are like that. If you are one of them who thinks it is better to hide your identity and IP, Soda Player provides a proxy feature also namely SOCKS5. How to activate it is also very easy. You can just go to the proxy menu and tap activate.

Additional features in this app also allow you to do more things. For example, it is helpful enough to stream videos via Apple TV and Chromecast. So, what are you waiting for? You can download Soda Player for Free right now.