Samsung DeX
Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX for Windows

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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Samsung

As one of the product features that Samsung is proud of, Samsung Dex for Windows continues to be developed to date to support the productivity of its users.

Since its release a few years ago, DeX has become a Samsung innovation that is worth waiting for its development. Some recent upgrades show significant changes. For example, if previously you had to buy a cable to connect to HDMI, now you can use its charger cable.

This latest Samsung DeX will mark that the smartphone has been transformed into something more powerful. With this small device, you can do your work.

Samsung DeX for Windows
Samsung DeX for Windows

How to use Samsung DeX for PC is easy. You only need to install the Samsung DeX software on your laptop or Macbook. Next, connect your Samsung smartphone to the laptop that has the DeX software installed with a data cable.

Automatically, your laptop will identify whether the Samsung smartphone you are using supports the DeX software or not. If it is supported like the Galaxy Note 10, you will be directed directly to the DeX user interface.

On the Galaxy Note 10, there is a feature to connect to Windows 10. This certainly makes it easier for users to integrate their devices. Users can access their mobile data on the desktop, receive and reply to messages from their contacts on the laptop screen.

As a productivity feature, Samsung DeX provides a new experience for its users. The experiences are as follows:

Ease of presentations

Samsung Dex free download allows you to access your connected smartphone and laptop devices. File transfer between these devices has never been easier when you use Samsung DeX.

When you want to make a presentation in a meeting, you may need to connect your laptop and smartphone to make the presentation memorable.

Two multifunction screens

You can run Android applications on your laptop while replying to messages on your smartphone.
Optimal for large screens. This is good for those of you who like to enjoy multimedia, such as watching TV series, or YouTube videos. Play it on your phone. Watch it on a bigger monitor screen. You can connect your phone with a TV via Samsung DeX.

More and more apps

Samsung DeX will always be in development to improve. However, they already have added the most popular productivity tools such as Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Youtube, Spotify, and so on.

This is what makes Samsung Dex for Windows even more interesting. It makes it looks like an operating system inside a computer.|