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OBS Studio Portable for Windows

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Free Download ( 172 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version OBS Studio Portable for Windows (Version 27.2.3)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product OBS Studio

Downloading videos or streaming videos is easy to do. You can download OBS Studio portable for Windows. It solves the downloading problems on your desktop and laptop. There will be some great features making you trust to use this software.

What Is OBS Studio Portable for Windows?

OBS Studio Portable is software with an open-source and free for recording a direct video and streaming. You can download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Linux, and Mac. A streaming control can be from a personal computer Windows desktop with this software. You can download OBS Studio Portable download for Windows to run it. OBS Classic and OBS Studio Portable are completed with the strong API enabling plugin development to give further adjustment and special functionality to your needs. It is working with the developer in a streaming community to get your needed features. It has been built earlier to be lite with high performance.

OBS Studio for Windows
OBS Studio for Windows

Features of OBS Studio Portable for Windows

This program is an open-source project meaning to be an open programming code for everyone. Of course, you can see strictly the working ways. Every change on the code reviews of the OBS contributor. It doesn’t add anything dangerous. When you download OBS from this web, you will receive a new version freely used and free of malware. OBS doesn’t contain advertisements or adware bundling to ask for payment. If you ask for OBS, it is a counterfeit.

  1. High Performance
    Taking and mixing real-time high-performance audio or videos can support this software. You can make actions consisting of some sources like Windows screenshots, images, texts, browser Windows, webcam, and many more.
  2. Actions
    You must prepare actions in an unlimited number that you can move smoothly through a special transition.
  3. Intuitive Audio Mixer
    An intuitive audio mixer with a per-source filter is enjoyable while using this software. You can reduce noise and take full control with VST plugin support.
  4. Filter
    For a video source like image masking, you can use this software. Even, you can correct colour, chroma, and the others.
  5. Configuration Options
    A strong configuration option is easy to use. You can add new sources and existing duplicates. You can adjust the properties easily.
  6. Setting Panels
    The setting panel will give you access to various configuration options for changing every broadcasting aspect or record.

Those features convince you to OBS Studio Portable free download. You can get those benefits from using this software.|