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Media Player Classic Home Cinema

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Latest Version Media Player Classic Home Cinema (Version 1.9.7)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product MPC-HC Team

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a detailed open resource audio as well as video player that is capable of playing a myriad of formats. It additionally includes a host of features that make it among the better programs of its kind.

One of its best staminas is how smooth it is. It plays video clips efficiently on not-so-powerful gadgets, also at high resolutions. In fact, MPC-HC (its shortened name) has the ability to play big files with resolutions of 1080p with basically no cuts or buffering delays.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema includes all sort of video decoders including H. 264 and VC-1 with support for DXVA as well as Direct Video Acceleration technology. It can playing DVD or BluRay discs, audio CDs, as well as even DVB TV signals, as well as countless extra options, such as support and also customization of subtitles and even automatic web searches for subtitles for whatever you are currently playing.


Media Player Classic for Windows

Without a doubt, when selecting a comprehensive multimedia player, Media Player Classic is just one of the best options. Its considerable customization options, speed, as well as compatibility make it a must-have on any kind of Windows computer.


The interface of Media Player Classic is very much like the conventional Windows Media Player older versions. So there are no worry in understanding the fundamental capabilities. If you have been making use of Windows Media Player for long, after that it will certainly not be hard to deal with.

New individuals potentially will have a tough time getting involved in the vital functions. Many of the options are accessible through the leading menu or by right-clicking generally home window.

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