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Mac Notepad for Mac

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Latest Version Mac Notepad for Mac (Version 9.0)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Mavericks or Later
Author / Product Apimac

Mac Notepad for Mac, is it worth downloading? For you the users of MacBook, it is not wrong to download all tools provided by the brand. One of them is Mac NotePad. Mac NotePad is also called as iNotePad. It is a program to edit texts for keeping small-sized and simple documents. Yes, it also works very similarly to NotePad from Microsoft.

As the product is launched by Apple, the way it works is focused on supporting the technology of Apple devices for sure. If you download this program, you may enjoy some features and benefits as follows.

Mac Notepad for Mac
Mac Notepad for Mac

Many Notes in One Document

One of the upgrades given for this tool is its availability to collect more notes. Yes, in one single document, you can collect and keep even hundreds of notes. So, it is no longer a matter how many notes or texts you want to save. You also don’t need to delete certain notes in rush just to keep the new ones. Interestingly, you can enjoy it for free.


More Features for the Rich Text

Compared with other notepad tools, Mac NotePad tends to have more features. It is starting from basic features such as spell checking, substitutions, and the availability of smart links. But it is also getting richer so that slightly it is quite similar to Word programs. For example, you can add images to the document you make on it more easily.

Editing text is getting easier using this version. It is because the Mac NotePad is designed with a simpler interface. In addition, you can also directly save it or send the document you have made via email more comfortably.


One of the problems commonly faced by people in using a NotePad tool is that it is not really responsive. Maybe it is just a habit as they use Word more often. But based on many users’ confessions, it feels more comfortable to use Word than a notepad.

Mac NotePad free download seems to fix and repair the way it works. Besides, it also tries its best to be better than other similar products as well as the previous versions. How about the results? It becomes more responsive and more comfortable to use. The program is also ideal to make and keep short documents.

Get It for Free

For the users of MacBook, you can enjoy this tool for free. The same thing is when you want to upgrade it. Make sure to have the previous version of Mac NotePad free first. For downloading, click here.|