HandBrake for Mac

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Latest Version HandBrake for Mac (Version 1.4.2)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX El Capitan or Later
Author / Product Handbrake Team

Video creation is not strange at all these days. Everyone can do it easily from their camera devices or smartphones. Anytime you want to convert your video files to meet your needs, you can use HandBrake for Mac. Why should you use this video converter app for Mac?

Free Video Converter

The main reason why this app is great for video converting is that it is offered for free. With this free app, you can convert video files from any format to the codecs that are more widely supported and modern. It is an easy way to make sure that your videos can be played on any device.

HandBrake for Mac
HandBrake for Mac

More Functions

With HandBrake free Download, you can convert movies from DVDs to the file that can be stored on your hard drive. This app also offers you various kinds of video filters from grayscale to deblock. You can also set the codec of your videos using this app. More details of your video files can be set with this app.


Built-in Presets

Why do you think that this app is recommended for you? It is not difficult to use this app since it comes with built-in presets for your device. Yes, it means that you can choose an optimization for your device anytime you open the app. Of course, you can also select the universal profile if you want to convert your videos to standard quality or high quality.

Using this app for converting videos can be super easy, fast, and simple. If you want to improve your encodes experience, you can tweak both the basic and advanced options that are offered widely by this app.

Various Input Sources

With HandBrake, you can convert many kinds of common multimedia files. Of course, you can also convert the video from BluRay or DVD sources as long as they do not contain copy protection.

More Features

The video outputs from this app are varied. You can feel free to decide what kind of file containers, video encoders, audio encoders, and audio pass-thru for your video conversion.

Much more features can be enjoyed from HandBrake Download. You can easily choose the title or chapter from the video. The app also allows you to make a queue for more than one encodes. You will love the chapter markers and subtitles with this app.

The video encoding using this app comes with average bitrate or constant quality. Do not forget about live video preview and VFR, CFR, and VFR support available from this app.|