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Google Translate for Windows

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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Google Inc

Google Translate for Windows is the Windows version of the popular Google Translate App. Yes, the name Google Translate must have been familiar to all of us as it helps many people to translate words or even sentences from one language to another. It even has replaced the dictionary that was previously very common to use to understand a foreign language.

Before developing its own app, Google Translate was only a feature in Google Search Engine. Then, Google found that many users relied on the feature for their foreign language needs. This is how they decide to make Google Translate an independent program including Windows.

Google Translate for Windows
Google Translate for Windows

Sure, Google has many features in Google Translate to satisfy its users even more. Aside from typing and copy-pasting words or sentences to the translating bar, here are some activities you can do in the app.


Voice Recorder

Well, if you are too lazy to type, you can utilize the Voice Recorder app. So, you only need to utter the word to translate. The engine in the app starts to analyze the word and the result is finally out. Don’t forget to set up the languages first. Besides, make sure to utter the word clearly with the correct pronunciation.
The Camera Feature
Google Translate Download for Windows also provides you with a camera feature. Yes, there is an option to connect the app to the camera of your device. So, what is the camera for? It is to capture images with words or sentences you want to translate. You should capture the words well so that the app can scan them properly. The result is shown only in seconds.

One Tap Only for Automatic Translation

The latest version of Google Translate that has been installed on your PC has a feature to identify the foreign language in your file. So, if you open a file that consists of a foreign language, there is a pop-up of Google Translate near the area. You can just tap the pop-up to translate it automatically. Only in one Tap and without needing to open the app, you can just know the meaning of the word in your language.

Talk with Foreigners with Google Translate

Google Translate doesn’t only facilitate you to translate words in written form. It also helps you speak in foreign language orally. Just type or record what you want to say in a long sentence. The engine will bring you the best translation in any language you want. Check first if the language to translate has been on the list of the app. So, are you interested in using Google Translate free download?