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Google Sheets for Windows

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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Google Inc

Google Sheets for Windows is a kind of software developed by Google with some tools for your documents. It helps you create tables, make simple calculations, and manipulate data. If you know Excel, you can conclude that Google Sheets works similarly with such an app.

Furthermore, the app applies Cloud-based storage, making files to keep in it unlimited.
The use of the Cloud also enables you to share and collaborate more easily. How to share it with your friends is quite easy. Just add the email of your friend in it and you can just work together. Interestingly, you can add emails of your friends as many as you want. In detail, here are some main tools and functions of Google Sheets.

Google Sheets for Windows
Google Sheets for Windows

Table of Contents


Creating Documents in Cells

In the Sheet file, some cells are brought all together in the form of columns (vertical) and rows (horizontal). You can put items on cells whether it is in the form of letters or numbers. Particularly if you put numbers, they are all calculable.

Adding cells in columns and rows is very easy. It is by going to the insert menu first or using the shortcut, it right-clicks.

Creating Graphics

To make you feel easier in reading data, Google Spreadsheet also has a feature for graphics or visualization. The graphic is made based on the available data. The steps are as follows, Choose the Insert menu, Chart, and create a graphic through it. There are some types of graphics available in the app including Pie, Bar, Column, and Line.

Merging and Importing Cells

Other activities to do in Google Sheets download for Windows are merging and importing cells. Merge Cell is a tool to merge or combine cells whether in the form of columns or rows. Aside from going to the Merge Cell menu, you can also tap the option near the Borders sign.

Meanwhile, Importing Cells means opening available files on your computer in Google Spreadsheets. Choose Tab File to start and follow it with Import File. This way, the file you want to open will be uploaded. Wait for the file or data to open entirely.

Freezing Columns

A special tool to enjoy in Google Spreadsheet is Freeze Column. What is it? When processing data, you will need some columns and rows with a visible title. Therefore, make sure that the area is frozen or not editable. So, just create it using Google Sheets free download by choosing the View menu and clicking Freeze.