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Latest Version Comodo Antivirus for Mac (Version
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Leopard or Later
Author / Product Comodo Group

The Mac computer was regarded to be antivirus because it is difficult to attack by viruses. But, it looks wrong because it is possibly attacked by the viruses. Several Mac viruses grow rapidly with the worrying speed. You need to use Comodo Antivirus for Mac to give extra protection.

The Use of Comodo Antivirus for Mac

This Comodo Antivirus for Mac gives extra protection to the threats. It is very important if you want to prevent identity robbery, file damages, or credit card details interception. It is aimed at Mac giving leading virus protection to your mac computer cashless.


It shows a scanner based on the requests, real-time protection that is always active, and an updated virus database. Comodo Antivirus for Mac will give superior protection to zero-day malware. It is the real deal with no stripped-down version. You can scan any files or drivers.

Comodo Antivirus for Mac

When you have scanned it, you can get a deep report about the viral activity. Even, you can scan the compressed zip file in which the viruses are hidden. It gives an easy procedure to use it. It is important given the complete protection of your viruses. Of course, it is helpful to use a Mac computer anytime you want.

The Features of Comodo Antivirus for Mac

Comodo Antivirus for Mac has some great features making you trust to install it. It provides an easy interface display to operate friendly for the users. You just install and run it. The antivirus is keeping protecting your computer. Then, it also gives a scan when you access it.

This antivirus for Mac computer checks every file or application when you are searching for it. It will be blocked when it is identified to be threats. Furthermore, it gives scanning in one click so that you can scan it anywhere and anytime you want.

You can run a scanning based on the request of the computer. Then, you clean your computer system with one click. It is very simple to do a one-click scanning process. An instant scanning process is easy to do. You can scan files or folders one by one by dragging it to the icon of CAV in your document.

Personalized protection is also the feature of Comodo antivirus for Mac. You need to set the virus scanning process so that it runs based on the schedule. A guaranteed system is used to isolate suspicious files. Real-time access can be got from this antivirus. You can get the latest protection.

Advanced Security Features to secure your Apple OS X Devices
  • Easy user-friendly interface
  • 100% protection with On-access scanning
  • Instant One-Click scanning
  • Simple slider to change your security level
  • Detects, blocks and eliminates viruses from mac laptops and desktops
  • Built in scheduler allows you to run scans at a time that suits you

How to Uninstall Comodo Antivirus for Mac?