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Latest Version PC Matic for Windows (version 3.0)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product PC Matic Inc

PC Matic for Windows secures your devices against contemporary security threats. With 3 innovative technologies: fileless script blocking, automatic whitelist, and brute force attack protection, PC Matic for Windows PC successfully blocks what others cannot.

Furthermore, the security software incorporates driver updates and patch management, which ensure that security flaws are addressed before hackers could exploit them. Use PC Matic download for Windows and Install this fantastic antivirus program!

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What It Can Do?

With this PC Matic Adblocker addon, you can avoid annoying pop-ups and halt dangerous adverts in their tracks. PC Matic’s powerful technology also safeguards you from the phony virus scam, preventing it from shutting down your browser and causing panic.

PC Matic’s ad blocking system protects your computer and data against harmful advertisements, often known as malvertising assaults. These assaults have gotten more sophisticated, attacking Systems without the user even having to click on the ad.

PCs slow down when they are used more, unless they are well maintained. PC Matic’s optimization features keep your computer running at top speed by conducting scheduled scans to wipe away unwanted files and collected data on your machine.

Instead of rivals’ antiquated blacklist technology, the app employs an automatic whitelist for real-time and proactive protection from today’s cyber dangers. Furthermore, the PC Matic antivirus software program employs a script blocking agent to efficiently fight all types of fileless malware assaults.

Features of PC Matic

Whitelisting: This SuperShield whitelist works by allowing a record of known trusted apps to execute. Anything that isn’t on the whitelist is forwarded to the malware research program to be evaluated. Within 24 hours, it is classified as either trustworthy or malevolent.

Fileless Script Block: Attackers are using scripting agents like PowerShell that install malware which does not require an executable. To detect malicious scripting activity, it has created a script blocking agent. So far, PC Matic users have been completely protected from fileless malware.

Screenshots and Features of PC Matic

PC Matic for windows
PC Matic for windows

Patch Management & Driver Updates: Throughout the process of scanning, PC Matic ensures that critical third-party software and drivers are patched and updated. By automating that process, users can be confident that their devices are maintained up to date and that known vulnerabilities are fixed to prevent fraudsters from exploiting them.

The good thing is that PC Matic does everything for you. To be secured from malware, you do not need to employ complex features or work with complicated configurations. As a result, PC Matic is an excellent alternative for novices and non-technical users searching for a simple, install-and-forget antivirus.

Another good thing is that PC Matic free download for all Operating Systems such as Windows Operating System.