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Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice for Windows

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Latest Version Apache OpenOffice for Windows (Version 4.1.7)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product OpenOffice.org

Before using specific software to work with, you may need to check Apache OpenOffice for Windows reviews in this article. In a nutshell, Apache OpenOffice is one of the most outstanding open-source suites for word processing.

Your data will be stored in an international open standard format so you can open it by using other office software packages. The best part of this thing is that you can use all features for free regardless of the purpose.

Apache OpenOffice features


We make Apache OpenOffice reviews so users can figure out what best deal they are dealing with. Tons of features will help your work with word processing, database, and many more.

Apache OpenOffice for Windows

Featuring modern word processor and auto-correct dictionary and auto-complete ability, Apache OpenOffice makes your job easier. Styles and formatting along with text frames and linking are also available on the feature list.

The software comes with smart connectors, picture gallery, dimension lines, and so on. You can do almost everything by using this software without paying subscriptions or buying the software in the first place.

Benefits of using Apache OpenOffice

User-friendliness is one of the most important things when it comes to software. Other than that, word processing app must support mathematical equations and simple creations. Apache OpenOffice for Windows will give that to its users.

There are several templates you can choose to simplify your jobs such as making letters, sending faxes, writing agendas, or drawing boxes. Anything can be done easily. If you need to finish complex tasks, the “Writer’s Wizards” will help you to get through.

Apache OpenOffice for Windows

In case you need to make multimedia presentations, you can make ones with an impressive yet effective look by using Apache OpenOffice. Feel free to use the “Impress” tool to enhance your presentation. Also, things can be done with no hassle at all.

Technical requirements

This app can be accessed through the website and desktop-use only. You can use this app for various ranges of business up to the enterprise level for free. As has been explained earlier, the data has been integrated into various apps from other vendors.

This allows you to open your data later even though you don’t use Apache OpenOffice. Microsoft Office, MySQL, MS Access, PostgreSQL, and Adabas D are integrated with the database system of Apache OpenOffice.

Final word

As a writer, you need a reliable app that supports your job. Apache OpenOffice reviews will assure you why you should choose this software.