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Latest Version Spacedesk for Windows (Version 1.0.18)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 8 32 or Later
Author / Product Datronicsoft

Did you know that the gadgets that we often use, such as cellphones/smartphones/tablets based on android or iOS systems, can be used as extended monitors/additional computers/laptops? Yes, you need to simply download the SpaceDesk for Windows through the official portal Have you heard the name of this app? If not, check out the following presentation!

Get to know Spacedesk

The Spacedesk works over LAN/WiFi network when transmitting data. You need to know Spacedesk is an application created by the datronicsoft UG company from Germany. Spacedesk claims its software can be used as a Multi-Monitor App | Virtual Display Screen | Videowall Software.

Spacedesk for Windows
Spacedesk for Windows

To use the application of Spacedesk download, it takes 2 or more devices. And one of the devices is used as the server/machine and the other device is used as the client. This app works and works over a LAN/WiFi network.


As an example for you, the admin has tested using 1 computer device (primary monitor/machine) and 2 android devices (secondary monitor/viewer) or as a monitor extender. For 1 device required bandwidth of 10Mbps – 26Mbps. So if you use more than 1 then you can multiply the required bandwidth by the number of your gadget clients.

Advantages of Spacedesk

Each application certainly has advantages, including this application. The advantage of space desk is that it can be used for 1 device and doesn’t need expensive and good devices, just a used Android using a wifi tethering network and still one network/network scope.

Another advantage is when we find one example of a case when we have to digitally sign / Digital Sign on documents right away but you don’t have a monitor screen that already supports touch screens / and doesn’t support stylus pens. This can actually be solved by buying a drawing pen, but when it is important/urgent it is not necessarily available and can be sent right away, there must be a time difference of 1 hour-3 hour when your package is sent.

This can be overcome and there is no need to spend more on it, by using the android/ios cellphone that we have and we made it as a secondary monitor. Not only that, but it can also be used for digital sign / digital signature because the cellphone is android/ios because the latest cellphones currently support stylus pens.

Things to consider in using Spacedesk

To use the application, there is a minimum requirement for the application to function normally without problems, namely for android devices at least version > 4.1 while iOS devices at least version > 9.3. If the minimum requirements are met then your device can already use these apps.

The disadvantage is that when more and more devices are used as secondary monitors/viewers, a large bandwidth is required so that devices such as hubs/switches are required to have high capabilities and have strong toughness.

We recommend that those of you who use a PC as a primary monitor/spacedesk server are advised to use a LAN network with a CAT6 version of UTP Cable and Router Devices that already support Gigabit so that when transferring bandwidth when sending to a viewer/secondary monitor it can minimize lagging.

Well, what do you think of the Spacedesk free download? It has great strengths, right? So, don’t waste your time, download it soon!|

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