NetCut for Mac

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Free Download ( 2.93 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version NetCut for Mac (Version 3.0.134)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Catalina / OSXI Big Sur
Author / Product Netcut Team

NetCut for Mac for Mac is an app that allows you block Internet access to other customers on your WiFi network. The way it functions is basic: you’ll see a full checklist with all the devices connected to the WiFi network you’re presently connected to as well as all you have to do is pick any type of tool to block it from accessing the Internet. To use NetCut your gadget requires to be ‘rooted.’ If it’s not, then you can’t make use of all of the app’s features.

NetCut for Mac

NetCut can be especially valuable if you suspect somebody is using your WiFi without consent. In just a few seconds, you can block the access of any gadget. You can even see an instinctive graph with the portion of the link that each customer is accessing. Plus, you can rename any kind of link, so you can plainly see which is which (so you don’t inadvertently block the connection to the incorrect gadget).

NetCut for Windows


Despite the fact that maybe it is not a simple program for the dewy-eyed novice, it has the advantage of coming with great deals of online resources, tips and suggestions to help you grasp it. For those that are already somewhat experienced in managing LAN networks it lacks a doubt a really practical device. It is highly advised as well as, as it is entirely free to download, it’s actually worth a try.

With netCut 3.0, you can know who has is or has been on your WIFI, his name, device brand, what time in, what time out.

  • Speed Control !!!
  • Automatic: See NEW unknown(guest) users in your network
  • Click or Drag: Stop anyone access with one click or drag
  • Schdule: Schdule anyone on/offline time per day
  • Tablet suppprt: Support windows 10 tablet
  • and more..

NetCut for Mac User:

1. Please use Google Chrome.
2. Download && unzip , first time Open netCut app will fail, then right click mouse at netCut App, click Open, the rest run will be ok.