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Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

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Free Download ( 49.39 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac (Version 10.6.6)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX High Sierra or Later
Author / Product Microsoft Corporation

Do you have a job that requires two or more devices with different Operating systems (OS)? Do you feel that carrying two devices with you wherever you go is a difficult thing? Do you want to control your Windows operating system from a Macbook or vice versa? To overcome this high need, Microsoft Corporation releases free software that allows you to solve these problems. Let’s welcome Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac.

This application allows anyone to access your device, use applications in it, and even access files from other connected devices.

The features offered by Microsoft Remote Desktop are as follows:

  1. Can access all files contained in Mac from Windows and vice versa
  2. High-resolution video and sound streaming between the two devices
  3. Can easily manage various remote devices that you have through the connection center.
  4. Using a printer connected to a remote device
  5. Can connect multiple monitors and projectors so that it supports your presentation activities
  6. Securing connection to your data
  7. Uses the multi-touch maintaining Windows gesture of your Mac

So, what do you need to be able to use this application? The first of these applications can only be used on macOS 10.13 High Sierra or Later and requires a 64-bit processor. Then Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac requires Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise or Windows Server. This is because the Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac software runs on Microsoft’s RDP protocol which is not available on Windows 10 Home Edition Standard.

Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac
Microsoft Remote Desktop

When using Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac Free Download, make sure your PC is on and still connected to the network, so it is advisable to change the setting to “Never Sleep.” You can find these settings in Remote Desktop. Then check the keep my PC awake option and adjust the Sleep settings.

Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

Do not forget that you also have to add a user account name that can access your PC and find the IP address of your Windows PC to connect to a Macbook that has Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac Free Download installed. For settings on a Macbook, the method is straightforward. All you have to do is open the application and enter the IP address of the Windows address you want to connect to.

Using Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac is an application to connect various devices is considered the easiest way. This application is beneficial for mobile workers who have multiple instruments so that they can work anywhere.