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Mailbird for Windows

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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Mailbird Team

Mailbird (2022 Latest) Download for PC Windows 10/8/7 | If you need a free desktop client for your Windows PC, then you can get Mailbird. It will be a great software that can help you to increase your productivity as well as save a good amount of time on your inbox because Mailbird is equipped with apps, shortcuts and software optimization.

With this software you can do a lot of things. You can simply use it as your email apps, or you can do any other complicated things such as use it as your versatile dashboard that can help to increase your productivity as well as organizing your life.

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Mailbird for Windows

You can access this software online to manage your email from anywhere easily. You can cut down your emailing time with its quick compose and response. You can also organize everything quicker with its inline action bar. All in all, the Mailbird can help you manage your email in a breeze and it is so worth it to download.

Here are some screenshots and Features of Mailbird

Integrate your favorite apps

Mailbird for Windows Google Calendar, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Twitter, Evernote, Facebook, To Do, Slack, Google Docs, WeChat, Weibo And more!Mailbird for WindowsCompose FeaturesMailbird for Windows General Setting FeaturesMailbird for Windows

Features and Highlight

This mailing app will be a great help for you to manage your email. You can do almost everything easily. It also has stunning and beneficial features and highlights that you should know.


It has a clean and very neat interface, this app is truly well known for its simplicity. By using this app you can clean and organize your inbox beautifully because it has really great organization abilities.


Even though many email app programs don’t focus on speed, this one here tries to add speed as its vantage point. The app is able to cut outs every unneeded stop, thus it becomes the fastest email app ever. As a result, it will help you to increase your productivity.


This app won’t snoop on your inbox ever. The team behind this app respects your privacy so much. Therefore, you can design the program to never ever scan the content of your email or save your data on serves. The content of your inbox will be safe and just for your eyes only.


Nowadays, social media has become one of the most important things in life. Social media can be used for many things. This app is also able to ease you in using it, you can do it by integrating a big social media platform directly inside the Mailbird.


This app is also user friendly. It is just so easy to use, you just need to click it to make it function properly. Furthermore, you can easily customize your favourite app or you can just let it be and use it as it is without fuss.

How to Install Mailbird ?

What’s New

  • Added Advanced Search.
  • Added Unsubscribe button.
  • Added Unified Filter.
  • Added Email Tracking.
  • Added Send Later.
  • Added Windows 10 Emoji.
  • Enabled moving messages to another email account.
  • Enabled embedding local image in signature.
  • Bypass EWS autodiscovery service for M365 accounts.
  • User now can manually select OAuth2 provider (MS365 custom identity OAuth2 support).
  • Mailviewer now can remember size and position.
  • Fixed missing parameter pass for attachments on the named pipe compose feature.
  • Fixed issue with folder syncing taking several minutes to complete in very rare circumstances.
  • Fixed issue with unwanted scrolling in calendar sidebar.