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Latest Version OGWhatsapp for Android (Version 10.0)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Jelly Bean or Later
Author / Product OGWhatsapp

Nowadays most of the population in the world is using Whatsapp to connect. They can always have a daily conversation and send various kinds of data such as pictures, files, documents, and voice recording through this application. Furthermore, the active users of Whatsapp are all around the world, that’s why this is such a popular application that easily connects people.

Sometimes people need more than one Whatsapp account to differentiate their personal life and their business or for any kind of personal matter. Therefore, they can have more than one WhatsApp account with two numbers which they can run through one smartphone with an Android operating system.

OGWhatsapp for Android

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Get to Know More about OGWhatsapp for Android

If you are using OGWhatsapp for Android, you can run 2 numbers of Whatsapp account. This way, you can stay active in two different accounts, and since this app is so popular which is already being downloaded by more than 500 million people all over the world, you can always connect with all the people.

Now you can enjoy sending lots of your data in form of video, pictures, texts and you can also do video calls free of charge as long as you are having internet access. There are some more features from the OGWhatsapp application which you can enjoy so much. This application will allow you to feel free since you do not need to worry about getting banned.

Benefits of Using OGWhatsapp

When you are using this app, you can have a special kind of interface and you can personalize it easily. There will be lots of themes that you can download and you may start to customize your interface. Another benefit of using this app is that the users can see the last seen for others, and they also can inactive the blue thick as a sign that they already read the message.

Now you can always download OGWhatsapp APK for free, and you can enjoy lots of interesting features such as taking an option for people not to see the last seen. By using OGWhatsapp, the users can do file sharing faster and more practically. They always can send pictures up to 90 every time they do share pictures in just one click. The video quality is also higher compared to the official app.

OGWhatsapp APK

There are some more new features related to privacy and the security system since you can personalize your Whatsapp setting. You can always feel safe since there is a feature of an in-built locker which you may apply. You can also feel safe when you can contact the new numbers which are not in your phone book and you can set up the time for you to send texts for the people.