Google Play Services for Android
Google Play Services for Android

Google Play services for Instant Apps

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Latest Version Google Play services for Instant Apps (Version 6.17)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Jelly Bean or Later
Author / Product Google LLC

If you are a gamer, you would know that games can take up so much space on your phone storage and might end up slowing your phone down. Having Google Play Services for Instants Apps may come in handy since you don’t need to install several games to be able to play them. What is it, and why should you download it?

Google Play Services for Instant Apps for Android

This app was introduced in 2016 at an annual conference conducted by Google. It lets you access and play many games without installing them directly on the smartphone’s system. Of course, this would be convenient for gamers who want to save up some space to keep other important things. For Android users, Google Play Store is the right place to download it.

Google Play services for Instant Apps
Google Play services for Instant Apps

When you open the app, you will see 2 buttons for every app and game available. They are the “install” and “try now” buttons. By pressing “try now,” you can run the app and be directed to the game homepage.


What are the benefits and drawbacks of the app?

What Google Play Services for Instant Apps can do besides helping users manage their storage space is that it supports e-commerce and games organizations with opportunities to be successful by making their apps available to Android users without having to set up the apps on their phones.

Google Play Instant doesn’t ask permission to access any of your data, which is good because it would be a step to secure your phone from any irresponsible parties who want to claim your data for any ill intent.

However, Google Play Services for Instant Apps APK can only be installed on Android 6.0 or newer versions, and users are not going to have a full experience of the app they download the full version of the app.

Activating the App

To use this app, you need to activate it first. Here is how:

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your phone
  2. Look for the Google submenu
  3. After that, choose Google Play Instant
  4. Activate it by pressing the panel for Upgrade web links

Another way to activate the app is through Google Play Store, go to the Setting menu. After that, look for Google Play Instant to turn it on in the same way as the one explained earlier.

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