Eva Facial Mouse for Android

Eva Facial Mouse for Android

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Latest Version Eva Facial Mouse for Android (Version 3.1.1)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Later
Author / Product Fundación Vodafone

Eva Facial Mouse APK (2021 Latest) for Android Download Latest Version | EVA FACIAL MOUSE is a free and open source application that allows the access to functions of a mobile device by means of tracking the user face captured through the frontal camera. Based on the movement of the face, the app allows the user to control a pointer on the screen (i.e., like a mouse),which provides direct access to most elements of the user interface.

Eva Facial Mouse for Android

People with amputations, spastic paralysis, spine injury, muscle dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or various other impairments could be beneficiaries of this application.


As a result of constraints of the Android system, there are presently some RESTRICTIONS:

  • Many standard keyboards do not work with EVA, so a fundamental keyboard is provided. Such a keyboard needs to be manually triggered after the installation.
  • Does not work with most games.
  • Internet browsers do not manage correctly some activities (we suggest using Google Chrome).
  • Applications such as Maps, Planet and also Gallery collaborate with limitations.
  • It could not be used simultaneously with various other applications that make use of the electronic camera.
  • For evident factors, it has not been checked with all devices offered on the marketplace. If you find any kind of concerns with your tool, please, let us know.

EVA Facial Mouse has actually been established in cooperation with professionals and also individuals from organizations of ASPACE Confederation (Spain). In particular, ASPACE Asturias, ASPACE Barcelona, ASPACE Gipuzkoa, ASPACE Granada, APPC Tarragona as well as AVAPACE. In addition, it has actually been examined by CEAPAT, CRE (León) and also ASPAYM Castilla y León.