Wireshark for Windows

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Free Download ( 53.8 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Wireshark for Windows (Version 3.4.6
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Wireshark Foundation

Wireshark for Windows also expands its troubleshoot issues analysis & detection. Wireshark 32-bit or Wireshark 64-bit isn’t only provided for Windows, it also can be served for/run on multiple platforms like MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.

So apparently, our ethereal packet sniffer has changed its name to a brand new Wireshark 64-bit. The company still keeps its old features, but they also develop them into more elaborated specifications.

Wireshark for Windows

The product itself has increased its compatible primacy by providing features that might not be found in any other software outside Wireshark for Windows, especially Wireshark 64-bit. Wireshark for Windows or Wireshark 64-bit enhances its capability to support all professional engineers & bring the coherence back into the working experience.

Wireshark for Windows
Wireshark for Windows

Learning Wireshark for Windows or Wireshark 64-bit basics isn’t as difficult as people think. You can find tutorials related everywhere. For starters, it’s better if you acquire some filter running and source-destination lessons. You might want to know how to deep dive into the networking traffic first. In Wireshark or Wireshark 64-bit, the restored data is browsed & captured via GUI, TTY-mode TShark utility.

Wireshark for Windows also has some other abilities like reading and capturing data in different file formats like Microsoft Network Monitor, RADCOM WAN/LAN Analyzer, and Network Instruments Observer. It can also decompress files instinctively and analyze data in an offline mode.

Unlike any other software, Wireshark 32-bit or Wireshark 64-bit has the most powerful display filter that’s strengthened by a standard three-pane browser.

Here are some ultimate intelligent features you’re about to encounter in this Wireshark for Windows or Wireshark 64-bit interface :

  1. Coloring rules application to the packet is very quick-witted.
  2. Decryption support for many protocols including IPsec, ISAKMP, WEP, SSL/TLS.
  3. Rich VolP analysis.
  4. Deep security inspections.
  5. The output of Wireshark for Windows analysis can be exported to plain text or different other formats.

The software is free and downloadable. The software is free and downloadable. You just have to learn the operational basics to run through this program. Wireshark or known as Wireshark 64-bit is safe & trustworthy. This software is also good at determining major networking issues & failures in authentication or verification. Wireshark is also helpful to help your network growth & restrictions. Now you know, there’s still an effective way to prevent your computer from getting infected. It’s a perfect time for a renewal.|

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Wireshark 64-bit /Size:58.5 MB