Wireshark Portable for Windows

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Free Download ( 36.5 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Wireshark Portable for Windows (Version 3.4.6)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows Vista 32 or Later
Author / Product Wireshark Foundation

Introducing, Wireshark Portable for Windows, an open-source tool that unravels your data traffic and secures your network. Wireshark Portable for Windows is official and verified, the software itself doesn’t consider leading its capability to a jailbreak & unauthorized spying. Wireshark Portable is developed based on PCAP libraries.

Wireshark Portable for Windows

It’s no longer strange for IT engineers to use a set of extension tools and protocol to activate a packet sniffer that’s used to analyze traffic network & offline traffic restored data. They’re always in need of a legal administration to capture troubleshoot network problems or debug and examine security problems.

Wireshark for Windows
Wireshark for Windows

But nowadays, we need to be very cautious regarding the fact that some illicit malware has been attempting to infect computers. This phenomenon is often caused by a bunch of fraudulent engineers to eavesdrop and spy. And sometimes, the lack of information can potentially lead us to uncertainty. Several unofficial developers might be resurfacing all over the internet, offering a similar software that is usually based upon suspiciousness. That being said, a security tool is essential and pretty much needed.


Wireshark Portable for Windows works passively active. Other packet sniffers are unable to detect and leak Wireshark Portable for Windows whereabouts. One of these software advantages is it can reflect actual local network data. It might be confusing for beginners to operate, it also requires an elevated and strict privilege to access this software. Abusing the software standards is almost impossible. It has regulations to prevent external parties from getting involved. The engineers can trust Wireshark Portable for its simple and fixed operating systems.

Wireshark Portable for Windows also differs from any unknown and threatening hosts. It will automatically monitor, discover, and unfold network traffic. The engineers can easily pull preconceived IP addresses that possibly try to sneak in and break through. So here are some ways to support the Wireshark Portable for Windows installation:

Features of Wireshark Portable

  1. Each version comes under the official license of Wireshark.
  2. Visit wireshark.org.
  3. Read the instruction first before jumping into your Wireshark Portable installation process.
  4. Choose a package that fits your device the most.
  5. Process your payment for additional components (optional).
  6. Select a downloading location on your computer.

You’re finally at the end of the article. Wireshark Portable will put their client’s data safety first. Wireshark Portable has supported more than 480 expansion security protocols. So, don’t hesitate to choose Wireshark Portable.|