WinPcap for Windows

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Latest Version WinPcap for Windows (Version 4.1.3)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Riverbed Technology

WinPcap for Windows applies to most computers. This program does not only need sockets and other basic elements, like networking applications. Below is a brief explanation of it that helps us to understand.

What is WinPcap?

WinPcap is one of the computer applications chosen by users. It is direct packet access applied standardly for Windows operating systems.

WinPcap for Windows
WinPcap for Windows

The program allows a raw network data connection for an individual. Many security utilities are applying for WinPcap for Windows Vista.

It includes programs, like network analyzers, network scanners, traffic generators, and protocol analyzers. Additionally, traffic generators and network intrusion detection systems also involve this program.

The system has a device driver with network analysis and packet for capture software. The driver is part of the Windows kernel network component, including DLLs.

From here, users know that the system supports the programming interface. WinPcap download for Windows can ease control of the categories mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

The application provides dynamic libraries to generate a series of individual functions applied for the system. This system is used to obtain the available network adapters.

Additionally, it can receive detailed data from specific adapters. Then, it finds the current packets in a Network Interface Card.

Users can use the packets, whether to be saved or sent. Download WinPcap for windows XP and create packet filters for specified packet sets.

What Is the Main Function?

WinPcap is beneficial for certain programs and can function properly. It can support Free HTTP Sniffer, nTop, Nmap, Wireshark, and Snort.

Users select this software because of the facilities contained in the program. It is required to receive the raw packets from the available network adapters.

Aside from that, it takes a program from the adapters of other computer exchanges. Through the process, the system filters the packets. The process implements the rules of user-defined.

Furthermore, users can do other things too. They can gather the current traffic statistical data. Besides, the program can release the raw packet data to the desired network.

What Is the Benefit?

Unlike AltStore for Windows, this program has diverse functions. Some systems like Quality of Service Schedulers or traffic shapers are also different.

The goal of this software is for finding packet moves on the network. It presents to support them.
Most users like this software because of its beneficial function. Thus, WinPcap free download can not block or control the generated traffic from the same system carried by other applications.|