UltraVNC for Windows

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Free Download ( 5.05 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version UltraVNC for Windows (Version 1.3.6)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product UltraVNC Team

UltraVNC for Windows is a kind of software to access a PC from a distance as well as to control its screen. It is like you are using the mouse or keyboard anyway. Well, but sure, it means you don’t need to go closer to your PC if you are too lazy to wake up from your bed.

How to Activate UltraVNC

To use this software, first of all, you must prepare 2 PCs or laptops. One PC is the device to be accessed. Meanwhile, the second one is what you will use as the remote. Next, activate the UltraVNC Free Download that has been available on your PC. Create a password so that there is only you who can use this software, not anyone else. Take a note of the IP number of the PC.

UltraVNC for Windows
UltraVNC for Windows

Now, you can take the second PC. Activate the app or software. After the menu layout appears, submit the IP number that you have been saved before. Do it in the bar entitled “VNC Server”. Choose the setting speed. But if you want, you can still keep it in “Auto”. Press the “Connect” button.

You are asked to submit your password. So, Submit the password that you have made before on the first PC. You can directly click “Log-on” after that. The software or app has even been successfully installed anyway.

Features on UltraVNC

After doing UltraVNC download and activate it, you can directly use this PC remote app. But sure, it is better to know some features available along with their functions. Some icons are on the upper row such as the screen refresh, chatting, activating task manager, and more. You can try them one by one to know what they are for.

Pros and Cons of UltraVNC

UltraVNC is designed for your ease for sure. But despite all the benefits to get from this software, there must be some shortcomings also. Well, nothing is perfect in this world, isn’t it?

For the pros, the remote is quite easy to use. You can choose whether you want to use it as a server or remote control. The setting menu is simple as well. Even in the beginning, you don’t need to reset the menu to make it work. Using the default version is enough. If you are aware of the security of your device, UltraVNC is also a good choice as it features a password. More importantly, the performance is good and at a high speed.

For the con, the bandwidth is too big. Therefore, the remote control can only send changed parts of the computer’s screen.|