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Paragon NTFS

Paragon NTFS for Mac

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Latest Version Paragon NTFS for Mac (Version 15.8)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Sierra or Later
Author / Product Paragon Technologie

Do you have a hard disk with NTFS format but want to copy and paste data. You can do it without formatting the hard drive so that data is not deleted and lost. All you need to do is use Paragon NTFS for Mac so you can copy and paste the hard drive on a Mac without formatting the hard drive and delete hard drive data.

Understanding Paragon NTFS

Paragon NTFS for Mac is a low-level driver for file system compatibility solution between Windows and Mac OS X.

This program offers transparent and full access to NTFS volumes from a variety of Operating Systems including Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.


Paragon NTFS for Mac

The Paragon NTFS for Mac installation package takes over the native (read-only) drivers and includes a new driver developed by Paragon (read/write) based on UFSD technology.

The Advantages of Paragon NTFS

Here are some reasons why many use NTFS partitions for external hard drives

  • It can be opened on various operating systems and computer devices such as Linux and Windows (for Mac must use additional software). Because you don’t share much data with Mac users, even if you share, usually friends already use third-party software so they can read data smoothly.
  • It can be used to store one large file, of which the maximum FAT32 for unit file size is 4Gb.
  • The two main reasons above make many people use NTFS on external hard drives that are used today.
Applying Paragon NTFS for Mac

What you need to do is very easy. You simply download the Paragon NTFS application to your Mac OS X and you can copy and paste hard drive data without having to reformat the hard drive and delete all hard drive data.

When you have installed the Paragon NTFS for Mac application, you can use this application to read NTFS hard drives without formatting the hard drive. Just connect the NTFS hard drive to the Mac, open the application and mount the NTFS partition, then let the Paragon NTFS for Mac application run.

Paragon NTFS for Mac

The convenience that this application offers is the ability to copy and paste NTFS hard drives without reformatting on a Mac.

Just plug in the hard drive and select the NTFS hard drive to read. The hard drive can be opened like you would a normal hard drive in Windows.

Now you can download this application for free. How? Are you interested in downloading it? So, Download Paragon NTFS for Mac now!