NetCut for Android

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Latest Version NetCut for Android (Version 2.3.3)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Jelly Bean or Later
Author / Product Netcut Team

NetCut APK for Android is the development of NetCut for PC. Since a lot of smartphone users cannot get rid of their phones and the internet, Arcai made another one specifically designed for Android phones.

The developer has made several upgrades to boost the performance of this app. However, only users who have signed up to can use the app. It also means that you need to pay for subscriptions to utilize all features of NetCut for smartphones.

Feature highlight


This app provides tons of features. One of its virtuous features is the ability to control the internet speed. Once you have paid your subscription, controlling the speed is accessible through the home page.

NetCut APK

Other than that, users can get reports of other users who are connected to the same network as you. The next feature is that you can limit the internet use only through one click.

Scanning, putting other users on the blacklist, faking MAC address, and so on, are other things you can do through this software.

The good side of NetCut APK

Just like any other app, NetCut pro APK has pros and cons to consider. You can protect your internet connection in case other users mess with your network.
Using NetCut allows you to get a blazing-fast internet speed. Other than that, Wi-Fi and LAN networks are completely in your hand. As long as the Wi-Fi or LAN connection is excellent, loading pages or sites is not an issue at all.

NetCut APK

The bad side of NetCut

However, some cons are worth considering too. The software may often get disrupted, especially by other online users connected to the same network as you.
Other than that, you have to make sure that your phone memory is great. If yours is standard, you can expect a painfully slow process of operating the software. And of course, you have to be patient with this app.


NetCut is famous for its ability to cut off one’s connection in the same network. The app was initially released for PC, but now you can enjoy the features on your Android phones as well.

Downloading and installing this app is quite easy. Once you know how it works, the process only takes a few seconds until you can see the attack.
Users can run this program to protect the device from other similar attacks. Even though it seems a bit mischievous, you should give NetCut APK a try.