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Messenger for Desktop

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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product MFD LABS LTD

Messenger for Desktop for Windows is an unofficial version of Facebook Messenger. You can install it for free without any subscription. It has freeware functions that can run like a regular web browser.

Through this app, you can have the Facebook Messenger portal displayed on your devices. Like Ummy Video Downloader for Windows, it does not include the user’s personal information.

What is Messenger for Desktop?

This app is lightweight and cross-platform. It is not only compatible with Microsoft Windows but also with Apple Mac operating system. Start to download Messenger for Desktop for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.


From here, you can view Facebook Messenger at ease. It simplifies your work and allows you to access it without difficulties.

Messenger for Desktop
Messenger for Desktop

Is It safe for you to install?

The app also supports your device through its secure host. It enables you to access the official Facebook Messenger and access it. You should not worry because it does not involve your account information.
The app will not ask you to enter your username and password. It also does not affect your messages. Your data is handled securely with the official Facebook software.

Enjoy the Messenger for Desktop free download features on your devices. The app has a similar function to a web browser. Its platform can merely access its website.

What Are The Benefits?

Download Messenger for Desktop for Windows and Mac. Although it is an unofficial Facebook Messenger program, it is safe for your PC. You can access your chat efficiently.

You can receive and open the notifications without interrupting your work. Besides, enjoy unlimited chat access from this software. You can have voice and video meetings as well without charge and on a simple platform.

Its user interface displays the official Messenger application. Through the software, it optimizes the original application function on the PC. You will feel more convenient and pleasant to use it.

Download Messenger for Desktop for Windows and get the almost identical user interface from its official Messenger. Through this, you can have a familiar user experience and send the message without confusion. You can also begin your video calls by using Messenger for Desktop.

The panel makes it easy for users to navigate it. View other user names for your communication. The names will appear with the corresponding photos.

There are multiple functions that you can enjoy from this app. Start your voice call or video call with Messenger for Desktop download.|