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Latest Version MediaGet for Windows (Version 3.01.4001)
Operating System Web Apps
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product MediaGet lcc

Torrent is a potential source to search and find certain files on the internet. The challenge in finding files with the torrent client is the lack of simple and user-friendly software. Most of the torrent clients are not intuitive and also not user-friendly software.

Another challenge about torrent clients is the function of the software. Most of the software or apps are only for download use. There are no other functions delivered by the apps. The presence of software with more functions is good news for everyone.

MediaGet is a torrent client software that can be the solution for every internet user. MediaGet for Windows is delivering a user-friendly interface for an easy-to-use environment. The user can do more than just downloading files with the use of MediaGet.


MediaGet users can see the details of the download. The software also delivers useful features in the ability to play media while the file is downloaded. The software also works as a media player for the already downloaded files.


The player feature can deliver High-Definition media playing experience for the user. It is also accompanied by Chromecast support to stream various video files. The Your TV feature is also very useful to support media files streaming on TV from Android or PC sources.

Users can search the media files and pick the desired file from the search result on MediaGet. It only takes a click on the download button to choose the desired download path. MediaGet Free Download is a perfect solution for torrent search and download.

The MediaGet software is very user-friendly. It lets the user do the search and download files in a very simple way. The built-in search feature is capable of doing a smart search in various databases. It also delivers the suggestion of the best file sources to do the download.

The built-in smart searching feature is capable of finding various files on the internet. It has an algorithm to pick the best source of files to download. This feature can deliver faster downloads and is capable of reducing download failure risk.

MediaGet Download is available for PC and laptop that uses Windows operating system. It can work in the 32 bit or 64 bit Windows operating system. You can find MediaGet in the file-sharing category.

MediaGet is also available for other operating systems like Mac, Linux, and also for Android. MediaGet app download for these operating systems is also very easy to do. It can be the perfect solution in finding files on the torrent database over the internet.|