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Imo Messenger for Windows

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Latest Version Imo Messenger for Windows (Version 1.2.80)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product imo im

One of recent applications for sending and receiving messages with voice and video calls is Imo Messenger for Windows. Imo is a kind of free chat system like Telegram and WhatsApp which can be downloaded and installed for personal computers and other devices.

Why should you install Imo for Windows?

Imo enables the users to send messages, make a voice and/ or a video call, and send images and any other type of files. This application is free. So, you do not need to pay for the service because your internet fee has already covered it. Other features to consider are explained as follows.

  • Safety Issues

Safety has become the main concern of Imo. Nobody will install it if the safety issue has high risks. You do not have to worry about the safety concern of this app because it has been featured with secret conversation mode.

Imo Messenger for Windows
Imo Messenger for Windows

Imo is currently encrypted in order to prevent any third party sites from secretly accessing your account data. However, we have not known yet whether the security system has been as strong as WhatsApp. Some might still think that Imo security has been as strong as it is expected yet.

  • Conversation Group

Imo Messenger free download app also allows you to make numbers of conversation group. So, you can create some groups from your contacts, and let the members of the groups easily have access to receive messages or any other notifications occurring in the app. Voice and video calls are accessible in the Imo group setting.

  • Free Usable Stickers

You can also make use of a lot of provided stickers which can help you to describe your emotions while chatting. Stickers will work better on your personal computer chats with Imo rather than ones provided on the regular mobile devices.

  • Data Usage

It is such a benefit of using Imo Messenger for Windows. It does not matter if you use a personal desktop computer or a laptop to run Imo. Imo can work at any condition of signals as long as it ranges from 2G to 4G or at the latest one. But, keep in mind that it cannot operate at too low signals as H or Edge.

  • Less Popularity

In this social media era, Imo Messenger can be said to be less popular compares to WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, or even Google Hangouts. If your most of friends does not use Imo, it won’t be practical to have Imo download and install.|