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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Google Inc.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world, workers have been forced to keep working from home and continue to hold meetings or meetings online. Things like this make many online video conferencing or online meeting applications such as Google Meet for Windows a choice for people to stay connected to their work.

Google Meet for Windows is a video conferencing application or it can be called an online meeting. Google Meet is a product made by Google which is a video communication service developed by Google. Then, what are the advantages of this application?

Google Meet for Windows


The Advantages of Google Meet

  • Video Encryption

With the presence of video encryption services, you will greatly benefit in terms of security.
Simply put, Google Meet commits users so that activities in video conferencing are kept confidential. So that it does not fall into irresponsible parties.

  • Ease of Use on the System

Furthermore, it can be used in any operating system from desktop, Android, or iOS. Also, it can integrate web services with applications used via smartphones.

  • Free

Now Google Meet gives you the freedom to install this application. Because now it’s available for free and you can download it on the Playstore or the app store for iOS users. Google Meet wants to prove that its service is better than other video conferencing, and this application is proven to be good and feasible if it is currently free by Google.

  • Easy to join.

Joining a meeting on Google Meet is fairly easy, participants can join via the web, Android, or iOS app.

Google Meet Packages

Although Google Hangouts Meet can be used for free on a small scale, if you want to use this application for your company or a larger association, here are the Google Meet packages that you can take advantage of.

  • G Suite Basic Plan

For 6 US dollars per month, you can do online video conferencing by inviting up to 100 participants per meeting.

  • G Suite plan

For 12 US dollars per month, you can invite and conduct online meetings with 150 participants.

  • G Suite for Enterprise Plan

At a cost of US $ 25 per month, this premium user can invite 250 people to an online meeting or share the Livestream with 100 thousand viewers and save the online meeting recordings to Google Drive for free and use the full features of Google Meet more freely.

After knowing the strengths of Google Meet above, it’s time for you to get the Google Meet free download soon.