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Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite for Android

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Operating System Android
Requirements Android Gingerbread or Later
Author / Product Facebook Inc

The Facebook app helps its user to access and use Facebook in the easiest possible way. However, sometimes it uses too many resources of the Android Device. Then, we have this Facebook Lite APK for Android to solve that problem.

Small Size

This lite app has a very small size that won’t take your Android device space. The Facebook Lite is only 250 KB. You still have so many spaces for other files and apps. However, even though it has a smaller size than other social media apps, like Instagram for Android, it still has all features that you need to use Facebook social media.

Work On Slower Internet Connection

It is not only small in size. Facebook Lite app also works on a slower internet connection. Initially, this app was made to work on the 2G network. Therefore, even if you have a slow connection or having too many troubles in the middle of using Facebook, you won’t feel any change from it. It will keep giving you the best performance as the app for accessing Facebook.


Moreover, this design also doesn’t consume too much internet data. You can save more data as well as money with this design. Moreover, this lightweight design also allows you to use it together when you download a big file and need a faster and stable internet connection. You can play Facebook while waiting for your device to finish the download process.

Facebook Lite APK
Facebook Lite

Use Low Android Resource

Because of its size, this app also doesn’t use too much RAM when you open it. You can even open it together with various apps, and it will work just fine. Thou consuming too much RAM, means you also can save your Android device’s battery.

Full-Features App

You can do many things on this app. For example, you can see your page stats. The Facebook Lite app will give you detailed information about that. Of course, you also can read and see the message or post from your friends, as well as updating your status like the usual Facebook app.

You also can Download Facebook lite for free. Moreover, this app is also compatible with Android 2.2 or higher. You can use your old Android device with this app, and it will work without trouble.

In conclusion, you need to get Facebook Lite APK now and enjoy the lighter and faster version of the Facebook app. And, you will have a functional social media feature on your Android device.|