Discord for Mac

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Free Download ( 80.1 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Discord for Mac (Version 0.0.264)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Yosemite or Later
Author / Product Discord

Discord is initially made to support communication among gamers. Nevertheless, the use of this text and voice chat app is getting wider. Even many users who are not gamers want to use Discord for Mac as well since it is free, safe, and convenient.

Free Voice Chat

Why do gamers love this chat so much? The answer is super simple. This app is free. You can use it without any gotcha. No matter how many servers you want to make, there is a limit for the slot. You will not pay for the main functionality of the app because they make money from optional purchase decorations.

Discord for Windows
Discord for Windows

Safe Communication Online

Of course, you can find many methods to communicate online but are they safe? This is the biggest issue especially for gamers because they want to keep their IP address safe. Fortunately, Discord has an encrypted server for users’ communication. With Discord free Download, you can play your game safely.


Sophisticated and Secure Text Messages

Chatting online might be pretty common but Discord makes it better. You can chat while playing your game. At the same time, you can mention your AFK friends. It is a simple way to send a push notification to your friends. This way you can summon them and always be connected when playing games.

Text chat you can do from Discord has been developed to follow the latest text chat trend. It means that you can do more than just text messaging. You can also share links, videos, or images from this app. You can also send GIFs that will be played when you put your cursor over them.

Although you mostly use Discord to communicate through the server, you can always add friends outside of the server. You can even message them individually. Do not worry about direct messages from unwanted persons because you can use the block feature available on the app.

Easy to Setup and Manage

Setup the app will not be a pain in the ass. You will only need ten seconds to install the app. You will not need any driver or setting configuration to make the app ready to use. You can run this tool in the browser as well. To maximize its performance, you might need to download OSX or Windows app.

Discord Download will provide you with ease to manage the server as well. The tool offers you multiple channels and robust permission to support your communication for small or larger groups. The power from Mumble, Vent, and TeamSpeak can be found in this easy-to-use app.|