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Latest Version Android Messages for Android (Version 9.8.027)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Gingerbread or Later
Author / Product Google LLC

Google recently announced the development of its latest project. Named Android Messages. Yeah, the Android Messages for Android is intended for smartphone users where users can more easily send messages. Like iMessage for iPhone users, Messages only connects to other users of the same application.

Sending messages is not a new concept as many of the best chatting apps can do it but it has finally arrived for Google Messages to be one of the best chatting apps.



The question that arises is what distinguishes these Messages from other messengers? So far, there are five mainstay features that Google has announced, but actually, there are newer features that are present and help improve this application.

Can be connected to a computer

Like the service on Whatsapp, Android Messages APK download can be connected directly to a computer. Simply by accessing this site and doing the QR code, you can send messages in Android Messages via computer. The news says for now this feature is still limited to a few people, so it is recommended to try it next week.

GIF search feature

For some people, GIFs are very interesting to share with friends. For that Google provides convenience by providing a GIF search feature. Just by writing keywords in the chat window, then pressing the words GIF search, then you can easily get the GIF you want.

Preview link

This feature is more or less like the feature on Line, where when you put a site link, Line will show a front image of the site. Messages is also able to do this and can help you identify obscure websites.

Features of Smart Replies

This feature will help you reply to someone’s message more easily. If you are too busy with some things and can’t answer quickly, AI-generated AI will guess the answer you will give, just like when you type in google search engine. Of course, that’s not always true, but at most, it will help you answer.

Feature to copy password and verification code

This feature makes it easy for you to copy the password or verification code in the notification. Simply by selecting the copy option, you don’t have to retype the entire verification code and it will make it easier for you to enter into applications that require two-step authentication.

Those are some great features of Android Messages APK. Surely, now, Google has launched some other greater features. So, download and enjoy those features!|