WeChat for Android

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Latest Version WeChat for Android (Version 8.0.1)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Lollipop or Later
Author / Product Tencent Inc

If you are an android user, you can try to use the WeChat APK application. This is such a cool application since it enables you to stay in touch with everyone around the world who also has this application. There are some characteristics of the Wechat app which people want to know, the first one is about how this app is applying the same operating system either iOs or Android, depending on the OS which is being used by the users.

Moreover, if you are using WeChat you can keep texting with the people around you by sending lots of document types. Kinds of documents that you can send such as messages, videos, any information regarding GPS, voice messages, pictures, and you can also make a group if you need to. If you wish to contact more people with video calls, you are also able to do it with a high resolution.

WeChat APK for Android


All about WeChat for Android

It is always recommended that you are downloading Wechat for android. If you already download the Wechat app on your android phone, you need to do sort of steps before this application is ready to be used. What you have to do is to make your account by associating your phone number. This is the first requirement which is similar to some kinds of chat applications such as Line and WhatsApp.

This process will only need some minutes, and after that your Wechat account is ready. Now, you are ready to connect with the people just in the palm of your hand. This is also the time when you can access your contact and see the people who are using WeChat from your contact numbers.

Let’s Download Wechat Application Now

You can get Wechat APK here, and it is free for you to install it on your android phone now. You do not need to worry about the security system of this application since all of your data and your conversation will be kept safely on your storage device. Only the users can access the data and the conversation on their phone.

It will always make you feel safe since you do not need to worry that your data is on the cloud and others do not have any access. All the Wechat users are having a good chance to chat with other users, so they can start a random conversation with the people who are using the same application. It is always easy to have the random chat since you need to just shake your phone before you can reach other people.