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Latest Version 1by1 for Windows (Version 1.97)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Martin Pesch

Nowadays, people may love to listen to music via streaming apps. There is nothing wrong with that in case you really want to enjoy the newest songs from your favorite artists. However, the lack of such a music player is placed in the internet thing. Yes, streaming apps require you to connect to the internet all the time. while it seems not a big deal in this modern day when internet connections are all around, you still need a music player that can work without internet connections.

1by1 for Windows is one of the music player apps that can be fully used and controlled without internet connection availability. It works like a classic music player and you can play music you want in which the file has been saved in your device. But compared with other classic music players, 1by1 has some benefits. Those benefits may not be found in other apps. What are they?

Compatible with All Formats

Other music players may have limits in playing music or audio files. Some programs can play music in certain formats only, for example, it is only for MP3. On the other hand, 1by1 works in various audio formats. It even enables you to take raw audio files and then plays them one by one more easily. there is no need to convert those music files into other formats first. Save it to your device and this music player is ready to play it for you.


Easy to Manage

This app is very easy to use. You can only play specific files by making some folders first. Interestingly, this app is even designed for you who have large audio libraries. Sometimes, you may find it so difficult and confusing to choose which music you want to play. 1by1 helps you a lot with some of its features. You can focus on some files. At the same time, the performance is not getting slower even if the library has a very big size, See Also : MediaMonkey for Windows

Here are some screenshots and features of 1by1 for Windows

How to Setup 1by1 for Windows ?

1by1 for Windows 1by1 for Windows

The Directory Player 1by1
1by1 for Windows

1by1 Audio1by1 for Windows

Stable Performance

In terms of the audio quality, 1by1 is perfect and it even gains full ratings. The performance tends to be very stable also when you play it. It is although the device and libraries are in worse conditions. For example, like what has been explained in the previous point, it is good even when the library is very large and it has many collections. the system will not be crashed and the device will not be stopped or lagged when playing music with this app.

Changes (Version 1.97)

Possible Multiband DSP overdrive fixed · Multiple folder picture names possible · Wrapable toolbar · Descripted button set · Grey button set · Optional toolbar Tab access · Some corrections